Our Vision

Bound To Be Read Books was envisioned as a store that is attentive and responsive to the needs of the neighborhoods it serves. More than just another cluttered and dusty used book store, Bound To Be Read Books is a vibrant and truly community-oriented store that offers regular events like book signings and readings by local and national authors.

Small book clubs and groups find a welcoming atmosphere and it’s a comfortable place to meet friends and neighbors, with bench seating inside the door and chairs and stools scattered around.

While there are plenty of books on the shelves that are just plain fun to read, Bound To Be Read Books also works hard to offer a variety of books that challenge, confront, console and captivate. Here you can expect to find books with big ideas, books that are beautiful in style and sentiment, books that demand more of us all, and books that lead our hearts and minds to new places.

Bound To Be Read Books is a great place to ventilate your mind with good books!