45 Interesting History Research Paper Topics for Students

If you are a student specializing in history, then you must be prepared to write several research papers for academic purposes. However, before you even think of how to do research, the whole idea begins with selecting the best topic.

History being a discipline that has existed for ages, you will come across many history research paper topics. Therefore, you must take time, analyze the topics and weigh your interests to ensure you select a researchable topic that you will enjoy writing about.

Many students always go for topics without evaluating their relevance of the topic. In the end, they struggle to do appropriate research and run out of deadlines without accomplishing the desired research objectives. Keep reading through this write-up to find appropriate ways to find and choose history research paper topics.

How to choose history topics for research paper

Do not fall for any topic that you will see first when trying to get the best research topic for your history paper. Instead, consider the following steps first to ensure you pick an appropriate topic.

  • Brainstorm

Brainstorming ideas include writing down what interests you in a particular field. As you brainstorm ideas, feel free to consult other students or even your teacher for more insights.

  • Do background research

After brainstorming, you will have a topic in mind. At this point, you need to choose your argument or facts to present about the topic. This will require you to do quick research to have an overview of the topic.

  • Mark the keywords

Now, before deciding on the actual topic, highlight the keywords to include in the title. The keywords help during the research process.

  • Narrow down your topic

At this point, you will have a broad topic. Based on the keywords, you can simplify the topic further and settle o the final topic. For instance, the broad topic can be music. You can then narrow down and highlight the exact music genre, like the rise of pop music culture, instead of the rise of music.

45 topics for history research paper

Below is a highlight of the best history research paper topics you can consider under different categories.

Art history research paper topics

  1. Describe Europe’s modern art
  2. Describe how history art fairs came into being
  3. What role did women play in ancient arts?
  4. What is the relationship between science and Ancient Greek sculptures?
  5. Explore the advantages of Art therapy
  6. Describe stress reduction in relation to art therapy
  7. How did the Greek theatre come into being?

Best history research paper topics

  1. Describe Palestine’s history
  2. How did Julius Caesar rise and fall?
  3. What stimulated the Syrian conflict?
  4. The colonization of South American
  5. Europe Literacy in the 19th century
  6. What led to the great depression?
  7. Industrial revolution: Describe child labor

Good history research paper topics

  1. How did the Eastern empire fall?
  2. The great people in the 16th century
  3. Explain the Russian Revolution in WWI
  4. American-Japanese Internment during WWII
  5. Africa: Describe the WWII events
  6. Cold war: Describe the international order
  7. Describe Identity Politics

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. Review lessons from World wars
  2. How did the Mongol Empire rise and fall?
  3. Describe the 18th-century labor unions, strikes, and conflicts
  4. Explain your understanding of the underground railroad
  5. Describe the Manhattan Project
  6. What role did women take in the medieval age
  7. Explain the best inventions of Christopher Columbus

Music history research paper topics

  1. How did reggae music come into being?
  2. Describe the evolution of theatre music
  3. The origin of musical instruments
  4. Do you think digital music should be available for free?
  5. Describe bad and good music
  6. The role of music in the fashion industry
  7. Why music education is significant

Research paper topics about Asia

  1. The history of the silk road trade
  2. Describe the history of the Al-Qasimi Dynasty
  3. Explain Japan’s Mongol invasion
  4. Explain Chinese medicine’s history
  5. The Korean war

US history research paper topics

  1. The impacts of the Transcontinental railroad
  2. Texas Revolution: The role of the Alamo
  3. The role of Eli Whitney in the civil war
  4. The immigration impact on the United States cities
  5. The role of muckrakers in business and politics


History is a wide field with many topics to choose from. It can be arts, music, a country, or past events. You only need to have an interest in a given topic before beginning the research process. The above are simply some of the topics you can consider.