Thesis Statement Examples for an Excellent Writing

A research paper or an essay’s thesis statement is where you state your position on the subject. Despite being a one-sentence statement, it forms an integral part of your paper as it tells the reader what your essay is about. As it gives meaning to your paper, your thesis statement should be strong enough to convince readers to read more. In this piece, we will discuss what makes a strong thesis statement and its component.

What makes a strong thesis statement?

The thesis statement forms part of your research paper’s introduction and appears typically in the second paragraph. Afterward, it is supported by the body paragraphs. A good thesis statement should:

Identify an argument

Your thesis should be clear in its tonne and argument with a little controversy. This means a statement of fact does not really make a good thesis statement. For example, saying that “dogs are cute” is very raw, with fewer elements to debate. However, when you say, “dogs are cute because of their eyes, sizes, and floppy ears,” it becomes debatable and highly contestable because some people may think otherwise.

Answer the research question

Aside from being debatable, your thesis statement should briefly answer your research question. You should ensure that the evidence or research you’ve done on the topic backs the claims in the statement. It is therefore important to research, get your findings before coming up with your thesis statement. Anything contrary to that may fail to work.

Should be clear and concise

Despite its relevance to your entire research paper, the thesis statement should be concise and straight to the point. However, it shouldn’t be too short or broad. For example, “the local government can tackle climate change if citizens are provided with recycle bins and taught about conversation and composting” is a better statement than “the central government should act on climate change now,” which is too broad. The former is small in scope and, therefore, easier to work on.

Thesis Statement Examples

  1. Healthy children should receive vaccinations to have herd immunity since not all children cannot be vaccinated due to illness.
  2. Students from low-income families should have access to educational resources during summer holidays to ensure they continue the learning process
  3. Populist ideology took center stage in the 2016 political campaigns due to the rise in globalization, the Syrian refugee crisis, and manufacturing job decline.
  4. Despite being an upfront cost for parents, school uniforms diminish the income gap between students and present a conducive school atmosphere for all.
  5. Local governments should heavily fund libraries in their catchment areas due to its enormous benefits.
  6. Medical marijuana should be legalized and made available to veterans since research has proven that its use has helped veterans who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  7. Office workers should have the opportunity to work more from home and given just six-hour workdays for an excellent work-life balance and enhance productivity at the office.
  8. Hefty taxes on cigarette doesn’t stop people from smoking, instead overburdens the poor Americans who smoke. Instead, governments should spend money on educating people about the dangers of smoking.
  9. Veganism is for the privileged in society, despite it being the healthiest and right way of eating. That aside, it curtails one from exploring the cultural dishes of other countries as you travel.
  10. Governments should legalize assisted suicide for patients with terminal illnesses, and doctors must ensure these patients have their last will honored.